Technology has driven every area of progress since the First Industrial Revolution over 300 years ago, and given that we have entered the much-hyped Fourth Industrial Revolution these days it is clear that a relevant school must embrace ever-evolving technology to realistically claim to prepare learners for their lives.

In line with our culture of preparing our learners for the future, King’s was one of the first Johannesburg schools to blanket our campus with WIFI. What was once a nervousness from parents is now the everyday as learners from Grade 4 to 12 take tablets and WIFI for granted.

Information is no longer book-bound and learners are guided into just how to find the knowledge that was previously an adult’s to dispense. Learners need to know how to weigh up screeds of knowledge, not what knowledge to weigh up.


The 2018 purchase of 4 robots for coding training has also become matter-of-fact, yet we should not lose sight of the fact that learners are constantly on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) – Scratch programming site. MIT has been rated as the No 1 premier university in the world for 2018/2019, and our learners’ technology skills are being developed through them! Watch this space – 3D printing and other tech will revolutionize what learners are able to do and accomplish at 54 Hornbill Road.