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College Exam Procedures

  1. Desks are to be separated and pupils are to sit in stipulated order.
  2. Paper for answers will be supplied – double-folio paper is not to be separated and no pages should be removed from answer booklets.
  3. see-through plastic holder is to be used as a pencil bag.
  4. Only materials necessary for that examination will be allowed into the examination room. All bags are to be left outside.
  5. No borrowing of equipment is allowed. Should pupils need stationery they do not have they need to let the invigilator know.
  6. Pupils may not do other learning or work or reading when finished.
  7. An exam script may not be handed in early.
  8. No pupils are to walk around during the examination.
  9. No talking or any other form of communication is permissible – err on the side of caution.
  10. Pupils requiring assistance are to raise their hand and wait quietly for the invigilator to come to their table.
  11. Examiners may be called if a query arises, but they are available for the first . hour only, so read through the whole paper first.
  12. Pupils are not allowed to leave the exam venue during the exam.
  13. Time extensions may be granted by the Principal only, and should be for instances in general compliance with the IEB regulations. They have to have been organised before the exams time. Where IEB extensions are already granted officially, pupils will be automatically granted them per exam, and need not apply.
  14. All rules pertaining to behaviour, dress and appearance are to be enforced, including aspects such as shaving, hair colouring and so forth. No catch-up time will be granted to transgressors who miss time due to non-compliance. Pupils who fall foul of the code and are only ready to enter the exam room over 30 minutes later than the starting time will be disqualified and score “0”.
  15. Pupils are to remain silent and seated until all answer sheets have been collected by the invigilator.
  16. No eating or drinking is allowed.
  17. No blankets or non-uniform covering may be used.
  18. Pupils are to set out their answer sheet correctly
    • Pupils must write on both sides of the paper.
    • They must write clearly and legibly.
    • They must number their answers clearly and correctly.
    • Except in the art practical (and at that teacher’s discretion), no music is allowed.
  19. Invigilators will be in class before the commencement of the exam to:
    • Settle pupils on both sides of the paper.
    • Do a Bible reading and prayer
    • Hand out question papers, allowing 10 minutes to read through quietly
    • Pupils >15 minutes late will not be allowed into the exam room. Late-comers permitted to enter will not be given any time to make up.
  20. If any irregularities arise the College Head will convene a Disciplinary Hearing to be attended by the pupil[s] concerned, parents, invigilator and any witnesses.

Attendance and Absenteeism

  1. Except as indicated on the exam timetable, no study leave is granted for any grade, and pupils are expected at school on all days preceding the exams.
  2. Pupils are only required at school for the exam session being written.  They may arrive later in the day if they write only for Session 2.
  3. Pupils writing in Session 2 who arrive early will be expected to sit and to study in the venue arranged until their session starts.
  4. It is expected that pupils leave the premises a.s.a.p. after writing.  Pupils should not be left at school.
  5. A classroom for silent learning will be made available for pupils who are unavoidably forced to remain at school.
  6. Absenteeism requires a medical certificate stating that a pupil has been physicallyexamined by that practitioner.
  7. Any pupil who arrives more than 15 minutes into the session will be denied access, and may only gain access through their HOD or through the High School Deputy.  A note from a parent is mandatory in these situations.  Please note that no extra time will be given in these situations.