Our Approach

Our approach to learning begins with the manner in which we engage the teachers who we employ.

Not only do we employ teachers who are passionate about seeing our learners grow holistically, but we demonstrate commitment to their continued personal learning and growth.

The High Performing Educator Framework

Our staff all participate in a formal staff development journey which takes into account the components necessary to be a high-performing educator. This approach sees our staff developed not only in the ‘technical’ area of facilitating a child’s learning, but also in the areas of ‘Leadership’, ‘Management’ and effective ‘Communication’.

Our approach to learning, in and out of the classroom environment, reflects an understanding that each learner has a preferred learning style and that by incorporating different learning methods into the curriculum we are able to provide a more holistic learning experience.

We are registered with the Independent Examiners Board (IEB) for assessment purposes. The IEB is a South African independent assessment agency that is approved by UMALUSI (the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training) and leaners write the IEB National Senior Certificate Exam in Grade 12. To monitor our high academic standards we also participate in the ACER (Australian Council for Education Research) international testing, as well as the IEB’s Core Skills Testing and various International Benchmarking Tests – IBT’s.

As a school we strive for academic excellence, and our academic record under the IEB is exemplary with a 100% pass rate year after year. Our learners also regularly score at and above the IEB averages and we regularly receive notices from universities which acknowledge the achievements of some of our past pupils. It is not, however, only about the “top achievers” at this school. We believe in developing the potential of each individual. To this extent our smaller classes and personal approach allow each learner to challenge themselves and grow in their self-esteem and confidence.